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I received my B.S. in physics at UC Berkeley (1996) and my PhD in theoretical physics at Harvard (2002), in the group of Prof. Lene Hau.  Following that I did a post-doc at NIST-Gaithersburg with Dr. Charles Clark and was a staff physicist at the Naval Research Lab.  I joined Raytheon BBN Technologies in 2007.

My PhD thesis explored electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) and slow light in Bose-Einstein condensates.  Part of the work focused on using these tools to induce interesting superfluid dynamics, including the creation and motion of solitons and vortices.   In my subsequent research, I have pursued a variety of topics in cold atomic gases, low light level nonlinear optics, quantum memories, and coherent optical storage.  

My recent interests have focused on quantum enhanced optical remote sensing (LIDAR), quantum networks, quantum limited communication receivers and codes, superconducting quantum circuits, and quantum computation.

 Current work                                                                                                
I currently am the manager of the Quantum Information Processing (QuIP) group at Raytheon BBN Technologies (Cambridge, MA).  QuIP is pursuing the application of quantum physics and technology to communications, sensing, and computing and collaborates with a variety of university, government lab, and industry partners in this pursuit. In addition to the business management of QuIP, I currently maintain active research in the following topics: 
  • Novel optical communication receivers to improve upon the standard quantum limits for error rates and capacity.  
  • Protocols and architectures for long distance quantum communications.
  • Design of superconducting quantum circuits for quantum computation and coherent nonlinear optics at microwave frequencies.
I maintain an active research interest in several other research topics and welcome you to contact me if you would like to discuss collaboration with me or others in the QuIP group.